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ul. Widoczna 41, Warszawa tel. 698 69 69 69
The garage is open from Monday till Friday between 8.00 - 16.00

Scope of services
Our company repairs automatic gearboxes in all types of vehicles and we have all parts, filters and oils. We offer free substitute and towing for long-standing customers. We repair a personal vehicle within 3 days on average. We issuse a written guarantee four services rendered.
Online Workshop
Go to our online shop. We constantly observe the condition of your car.
The various stages of repair is documented photographically.
At any time you can see what is happening with your car.
We repair automatic gearboxes of all types of cars

Prices for our services are very competitive

Workshop open from Monday to Friday. 8.00 - 16.00



Our company is engaged in the repair of automatic transmissions of all types of cars and trucks. We have all the parts, filters and oils, for regular customers replacement car and free towing.
The time to repair a passenger car is on average three days. Some models will repair within 24 hours. For the service we give a written guarantee.
Regenerate all types of torque converters for cars and trucks. We have the latest professional equipment to check, repair and regeneration converters. Each remanufactured clutch is tested on a special modern machine for leaks, pressure, and its proper operation.
In our workshop dynamically exchange oil for this purpose was imported machine best company to ensure proper and professional oil change, along with the cleaning of the cooling system and control system which ensures PRO TEC SERVOMATIK - a device to dynamically change the oil in the steering and automatic transmission, clean radiators and pipes (after changing the oil in the gearbox).
In the process of repair we use only genuine parts. Prices for our services are very competitive.

Sample prices:

  • Cost of labor gearbox is 600 zł
  • Repair car converter from 400 - 850 zł
  • Full diagnostics of automatic gearbox electronics, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical 150 zł
  • Computer diagnostics automatic gearbox Gratis

We repair all models of gearboxes ECVT, Tiptronic, DSG, Multitronik, AISIN, ZF, GM, DPO, Steptronik and many others.

We work with specialized workshops repair of automatic transmissions of all Polish. We exchange experiences and to serve each other advice, and it all to, our common customer is satisfied and professionally served. The staff of our mechanics, constantly training and developing, organizing training and trips to the largest factories automatic transmissions and workshops in Europe, and our mechanics fluently speak German.
For services performed VAT invoices and give a written warranty for a period of 6 to 24 months, depending on the scope of repairs and parts used in them.

Why and how often should I change the oil in the automatic transmission in Bie?

Because of the cost, some vehicle manufacturers specify the laps of time changing the oil in the automatic transmission. In practice, however, problems occur frequently, such as jamming transmissions and ignition problems. The cause of such problems is the aging of the oil, which affects not only the viscosity of the oil, but also causes corrosion in transmission components by absorbing moisture, cow leads to failure of the chest.
Another factor is the friction clutch linings, which affects the whole system and operation of the solenoid control valves and damper elements. Deterioration of the lubricating properties increases friction of the aluminum (which is seen as a black color of used oil). If the vehicle manufacturer does not specify the timeout shorter surveys depending on the load, the oil in the automatic transmission should be replaced at least after 2 years or 30 - 60.000 km course.
After the static oil change system is not sufficiently cleaned, and only have improved the quality of the oil. Oil exchange system has been designed to not only completely and quickly change the oil, but also easily and completely clean all components and mechanisms of the automatic transmission.
Special additives PRO-TEC help prevent the absorption of moisture and reduce friction in the system, thereby resulting in smoother operation of the transmission. In this sealing system retain superior properties, the entire system is cleaner, so that in many cases, thus avoiding replacement of the gearbox.

Warszawa ul. Widoczna 41 tel. 698 69 69 69
Workshop open from Monday to Friday. 8.00-16.00


TOWINGCar Towing 24 H in Warsaw

Transport your car to our shop, price 150 zł, a further route 1.20 zł per 1 km. For regular customers in Warsaw free towing.

Phones directly to the drivers: tel. 502-116-146, tel. 501-606-777.




ul. Widoczna 41, 04-647 Warszawa

tel. 698 69 69 69

tel. 22 613 16 38

Workshop open from Monday to Friday. 8.00-16.00


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